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 Another reason I hate housework (see "June") is that every time I engage in a pitched battle against my old Victorian, I end up losing in some way. This time, it was bronchitis turned pneumonia. I've spent four weeks recovering from that, although it was a mild case, what my mom always called "walking pneumonia." Just before that, though, I had the pleasant experience of attending a book launch for the New Jersey Bards Poetry Review 2022 where my poem "Elsinboro: the Delaware 1965" received wonderful plaudits from some really talented folks. I managed to get through the reading without coughing, too, so, yay me for that! I spent a bit of my down time submitting old pieces and writing short pieces to submit to themed openings. I've already received a few very nice rejections, all of them positive. I am anxious about my novel submissions, though; I'm hoping the world is ready for Gwynna Lionshadow. I finished up Book 4 in the Twins of Bellesfées

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