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Seriously Twisted

  When a spine gets seriously twisted, it's called scoliosis. When the lumbar and sacral spine get so seriously twisted they squeeze the nerves that go into the legs, it's called neurogenic claudication. These are common ailments that afflict habitually seated people and those who carry a heavy pack on one shoulder.  In other words, me. A neurosurgeon has finally figured out that these two conditions are the cause of a few of my health issues, particularly the problem of my feet and lower legs being paralyzed after about ten minutes of standing or walking. Now he wants to open up my entire back and screw with my spine. Literally! He's going to shave the arthritis off the vertebrae and screw them into place, plus clear out the shifted deposits that are crushing the nerves. Am I scared? Heck, yeah. If you've followed this blog, you know my health has been messed up for a long while. The stress fracture in my knee is healed after 4 long months, but there's still pain t

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