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Sunday NoitcelfeR

Ste. Chapelle  It's slush time, which means I will spend the next month reading hopeful submissions to Abyss&Apex . I enjoy this time so much. It allows me to get my head out of my own little fictional world and peek around at what happens in other writers' heads. Oddly, in the first dozen stories I read, two of them offered theological suppositions about the nature of God and the afterlife. One good, one cute. Long ago, someone asked me why I don't write Christian fiction. By that, she meant chaste romance novels, or the Oke historicals, or even This Present Darkness -type fantasy. I have nothing against those books (well, except for the assertation that paddling is an acceptable, Bible-endorsed practice), but it's not what I'm called to do.  I did have plans, at one point, for a series based on our experiences with a teen rock choir at church (the fictional choir was called God'Zone), but when I spec'ed it out to various Christian publishers, it was re

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Sunday noitcelfeR

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Sunday noitcelfeR



Sunday noitcelfeR

Sunday noitcelfeR

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